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Make sure your "Heel" reaches the pedal with your leg fully extended.

Then have the pedal at it's lowest position and place the "Ball of your Foot" on the pedal, your knee should be at a 25º to 30º degree angle.​​

How to set up your Spinning Bike

4. Check the distance of your Seat towards the Handle Bars

Last adjustment is the "Distance of your Seat" towards the handle bars.

The seat can be moved forward or backwards, you want your knee to be straight above your pedal.  Tighten the Pop - Pins

1. Seat Height

Lift your leg up to the Bike Seat in a 90º Angle.  Your Leg should be even with the Seat.

Adjust the Seat "Up or Down" as needed and then make sure to tighten the Pop - Pins

2. Handle Bars

Your Handle Bars should be equal level to your seat.  Move Handle bars "Up or Down" as needed.

A higher Handle Bar offers more comfort and is best for beginners.​  Make sure to tighten the Pop - Pins!​

Enjoy The Ride Maui in Lahaina SPIN Classes on Maui


Our Spin bikes use SPD Cleats to clip in or you can wear regular

Tennis Shoes and use the baskets.